Advice For A Happy Life

The great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha (982-1054 AD) was responsible for re-introducing pure Buddhism into Tibet. He gave many teachings which are practical and beneficial for people living in today’s modern world such as:

‘Do not contemplate your own good qualities, but contemplate the good qualities of others, and respect everyone as a servant would.’

This weekend retreat features teachings and meditations on his advice, showing us through our own experience how we can develop a pure, happy and loving mind, for our own and other’s benefit.

Friday 16th February – Sunday 18th February (to book click here)

No previous experience is necessary. Chairs and cushions are provided in the meditation room.

Led by Gen Pagpa, who has 20 years experience in studying Buddhism and has led many retreats in Meditation Centres around the country.

Come along for the whole weekend or just a day. To book click here or call (01772) 884919.

Accommodation is available (depending on availability). If you would like to stay over please contact the Meditation Centre by emailing or calling (01772) 884919

Timetable –

Friday 16th February 7.30pm-9pm (£5) – Introductory Talk

Saturday 17th February 10am-4.30pm (£20) – Guided Meditation Sessions (includes a vegi lunch)

Sunday 18th February 10am-12.30pm (£15 with lunch, £10 without lunch) – Guided Meditation Sessions