Thursday Morning Class, 28th May, 10.30am-12noon


Everyone welcome!

Class features teachings & guided meditations with Gen Pagpa.

The class is beamed from the internet on to your computer, tablet or phone  – a link is provided when you book.

The class is based on the books ‘Modern Buddhism – The Path of Compassion and Wisdom’ and ‘How To Transform Your Life’ by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

These books explain the complete path to Enlightenment, and are easy for those new to Buddhism to understand and practice.

The teacher of this class, Gen Pagpa, is an English Buddhist Monk who has over 20 years experience in studying Buddhism and has led many retreats and courses at Buddhist Centres around the country.

The books that the class are based on can be downloaded for free from and



Everyone welcome!

The class features teachings & guided meditations with Gen Pagpa.

Thursday 28th May, 10.30am – 12noon.


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