‘Letting Go Of Fear’, Sunday 19th July, 10am-1pm



‘If we learn to control our mind through correct meditation we can overcome all our fear and anxiety. Nothing will frighten us. Why is this so? Because all fear comes from the untamed mind’

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

This short Sunday morning course will present teachings & guided meditations that help us to let go of fear and worry.

No experience is needed.

The course is on two YouTube videos which can be watched for up to 7 days after the Sunday.

The course is led by Lisa Newman. Lisa is a school teacher and parent who has been studying and practicing Kadampa Buddhism for many years.  Her teachings are practical and her guided meditations are relaxing and insightful.

She was teaching the Sunday Night Foundation Program Class and several Sunday morning courses at Keajra Centre in Blackpool before the recent lock-down.

Feedback from a previous class-

Thank you so much to Lisa Newman for the 2 30 minute meditation classes on developing self confidence. They were exactly what I needed.



Everyone welcome!

The class features teachings & guided meditations with Lisa Newman

Sunday 19th July, 10am – 1pm


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