‘Letting Go & Moving On’

The New Year is a good time to let go of the bad memories and habits we have developed over the past year, clearing the way for a more positive year ahead. By contemplating Buddha’s teachings on impermanence we can loosen the hold that the past has over us and come to experience peaceful acceptance instead. Find out how on this course, a perfect preparation for a positive and forward-looking New Year.

Sunday 31st December 2017, 10am-1pm, £10

The course is led by Gen Pagpa, who has 20 years experience of studying Buddhism, and teaches in a light, down-to-earth manner which anyone can enjoy and understand.

Chairs and cushions are provided in the meditation room. No experience necessary.

There will also be free Tara Prayers at 11.30pm to see in the New Year.

To book call (01772) 884919 or CLICK HERE TO BOOK